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Arizona Post-Tension: Reinforcing Your Investments


The Arizona Post-Tension difference is our absolute commitment to professional service. We are more than just a post-tension supplier. We provide one-on-one guidance to assist you with your post-tension application project from start to finish, from engineering your foundation through to product delivery and ensuring proper installation.


As Southern Arizona's leading supplier of unbounded post-tension materials, Arizona Post-Tension specializes in all aspects of posts tensioning, involved in slab-on-grade. Arizona Post-Tension is the most trustworthy and convenient foundation partner for the builders we serve, providing an honest ability to change the needs of all aspects of the project. KEEP READING


Why Arizona Post Tension? Post-tensioning allows for cast-in-place, prestressed concrete, reinforcing the foundation after the concrete has been placed. This process makes post-tensioning the slab reinforcement methodology of choice for post-tension slab-on-ground, elevated slab applications and more!

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